Huron River Fishing Association, Flat Rock, MI
Huron River Fishing Association (HRFA) is based in Flat Rock, Michigan.  It was formed by Huron River Fishermen.  Their love of river fishing and long friendship with the Huron River brought awareness of its vast beauty and potential to become Southeast Michigan's finest fishery. HRFA is both a fishing and conservation club.  The club is diverse in membership and this tranlates into a variety of fishing activities and interests.  As a Michigan United Conservation Club (MUCC) affiliate, HRFA is also dedicated to furthering and advancing the cause of the environment and natural resources conservation through education, protection, and enhancement.  We support each of these goals through many activities.  General membership meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm in the Flat Rock Community Center and include seminars and speakers on topics related to river fishing and fly fishing, as well as ecological and environmental concerns.  Fly tying meetings are held the third Monday of each month.  While attending a fly tying meeting you may see experienced tiers sharing patterns and giving advice to the fly tying novice.  HRFA also sponsors  a number of fishing trips and a series of monthly tournaments.  Though our primary focus is the Huron River, we also hold trips to the Northern Michigan rivers in search of salmon, steelhead, and trout, and the Summer finds us wading local streams and lakes fishing for pan fish, bass, and carp.  HRFA advocates catch and release and selective harvest.  It is our belief that in a time of depleting natural resources and increasing environmental awarenes a fishing club should not be limited to a group of anglers that catch fish and trade stories.  It should also be an organization that gives something back to this community, its sport and the river we love.  HFRA continues to work with state and local government on issues pertaining to the preservation and protection of the Huron River watershed.

Please take time to enjoy and appreciate the nature and environment surrounding the Huron River and its watershed.  HRFA believes that you will come to treasure and admire it!
HRFA Partners

General Meeting/Speaker: Roger Hinchcliff - Steelhead ‐3/2, 6:30pm
Midwest Expo - 3/14 & 3/15
Fly Tying ­‐ 3/16, 6:30pm
HRWC Water Quality Training - 3/21
Fly Fishing Swap Meet, Birch Run - 3/21
Fort Wayne Fly Show, Classic Cafe, Fort Wayne, IN - 3/28
HRWC Leader/Collector Training - 3/29

General Meeting - 4/6, 6:30pm
Steelhead Outing in Ohio - TBD
HRWC River Round-up - 4/18
Fly Tying - 4/20, 6:30pm
HRWC Insect ID Day - 4/26

General Meeting - 5/4, 6:30pm
HRWC Bioreserve Field Training - 5/9
Fly Tying - 5/18, 6:30pm
Bass Tournament in Flat Rock - 5/23, 8am 

General Meeting - 6/1, 6:30pm
HRWC Creek Walking Training - 6/9
Fly Tying - 6/15, 6:30pm
Carl's Pond (Members Only) - 6/20
Calendar of Events
HRFA Club Officers
President:  Dan O’Donnell
VP: Howard Borden
Treasurer:  Stan Puchala
Secretary:  John Elliott

Board Directors:
Tom Brown
Jim DiStefanis
Ed McCarter
Joe Sikba
Email:                                                 Huron River Fishing Association, Flat Rock, MI
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We Support Catch & Release!

Why Catch and Release?  A fish is too valuable a resource to be caught only once.  A personal commitment to conservation adds fun to fishing!  Size, season, and bag regulations often make release mandatory.  Stressed fish populations need help to recover. The future of sportfishing is in our hands!
2014 Smallmouth Tournament

1st Place: Russel Dubke - 4 lbs,1 oz
2nd Place: Chia Lor - 3 lbs,7 oz
3rd Place: Jessie Ortiz - 3 lbs,4 oz
2014 Carp Tournament

1st Place: Stan Puchala - 16 lbs,15 oz
2nd Place: Matt Pilon - 11 lbs,4 oz
3rd Place: Mike Hayes - 10 lbs,3 oz

Jim's Winter Steelhead

Salmon in the Classroom

HRFA has a unique opportunity to participate with Brownstown Middle School in a project called, Salmon in the Classroom.  MDNR's Salmon in the Classroom is a year-long program in which school teachers receive fertilized salmon eggs from a MDNR fish hatchery in the fall, hatch them out, feed and raise the fry through spring, and  then release the young salmon into a local river. The program teaches students about everything from the life history of fish, to the importance of the Great  Lakes and fishing to Michigan's culture.  Students are connected to their local rivers and streams knowing that the smolts they released will return to the very same spot in 2-3 years to spawn.  Jeremy Giles (Science Teacher) is coordinating the project at Brownstown.  As of February 2015, 201 eggs have resulted in 182 thriving smolts.
Click here to view the live Salmon in the Classroom Smolt